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We recognize that "one size fits all" DOES NOT work for everyone and we want to make sure we can accommodate all our customers.  All of our handmade beaded bracelets are from 6 to 9 inches so that you find the fit that works for you. 

Small = 6 inches

Medium = 7 inches

Large = 8 inches

X-Large = 9 inches

If a larger size is needed, add the item to your cart and in the "Bracelet Size (optional)" box, please identify the size needed.


It is important that you measure your wrist before ordering to ensure that your bracelet (s) will fit properly.  


Measuring Instructions

We recommend that you use measuring tape to measure your wrist.  When measuring, stay as close to the base of the hand as possible.  In the event you do not have a measuring tape, get creative, find a ruler and use what works.

Once you have your measurement, add .5 of an inch for a more secure fit or add 1 inch for a slightly looser fit. Remember, when stacking bracelets together, a looser fit is recommended because as you move away from the wrist the circumference of the arm obviously increases.

Buying as Gift?

Standard Female bracelet size is 7 inches

Standard Male bracelet size is 9 inches

Waist Beads

There are many different takes on what Waist beads represent and what they can be used for.  Some use them in hopes of fertility, others use them for track weight loss, some to attract their husbands and others just as added beauty.

All of our handmade tie-on waist beads are 50 inches in length and strung on elastic stretch cord or organic cotton string.   Tying instructions are included. 

Tie-On Elastic Stretch Cord:   This cord option is also semi-permanent and features beads strung on an elastic cord.  It is also easily removable.  

Tie-On Organic Cotton String:  This traditional permanent waist beaded belly strand is meant to be tied around the waist and comes in a standard length indicated on the listing which will enable you to remove extra beads and tie the waist beads where you would like the beads to hang.  Great for waist lost/training as you lose weight you can remove extra beads and retie as needed.  

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